Technical Section
Micro Encapsulation Precote 80 (red)
Thread Locking Adhesive for GN 615 Ball Plungers

l1~ 2 to 3 x Thread lead
l2 ~ 1.5 x d (Thread diameter)

l1 l2 Min
M5 1.5 to 2.5 7.6 1 1 6.5
M6 2 to 3 9 1.5 1.8 10
M8 2.5 to 4 12 3 4 25
M10 3 to 4.5 15 5.5 10 55
M12 3.5 to 5 18 7.5 15 95
M16 4 to 6 24 14 35 250
M20 5 to 7.6 30 22 45 500
The torque values comply with DIN 237, Part 27. They are based on a test of a thread without preload, with a nut thread of 6H at room temperature.


The principle of micro encapsulation consists of a liquid plastic material and a hardener encapsulated in a thin polymer film which is embedded in a lacquer like carrier deposited in patch form on a thread. This patch dries and the component can be stored and handled in a normal manner.

When fitting a bolt with this patch, the two capsules will burst under the pressure and friction between the two threads. The liquid plastic material and hardener will mix leading to a chemical reaction which will harden the glue, thus giving the required thread locking.

The setting of the mixture will start after 10-25 minutes. Sufficient hardness is achieved after about 30 minutes, but complete setting is reached after 24 hours.

Adjustment and setting process must be completed within about five minutes.

The thread locking can be cracked by applying the Mout torque on the thread or alternatively by heating the component to over 180C. It is not recommended to reuse the thread.

Threads, free from oil and grease, give increased strength of locking action.

Components treated with this process can be stored for up to four years.


Thread locking to the highest order to prevent the self loosening and component loss even under vibration. Not suitable for adjusting bolts or screws.

This security aspect may be essential for certain applications of standard parts. Stockholding of liquid glue is eliminated.

Temperature range: -40°C to -170°C

Excellent chemical stability
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