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J.W. Winco, Inc. is a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, and specializes in offering value-added services to engineers.

Along with an extensive selection of high quality parts, J.W. Winco strives to make engineers’ jobs easier. The company website at www.jwwinco.com is user- friendly and easy to search. Free CAD models are available for almost the entire product line, downloadable in all formats. Customers can check availability and pricing online, and purchase easily 24/7 with credit card, or set up an account.

Meanwhile, J.W. Winco prides itself on its knowledgeable technical sales associates, who provide assistance with products and applications. Customer service is a top priority. To provide customers with complete solutions, J.W. Winco also offers secondary machining, special kit packaging, and bar-coding.

Toggle Clamps – Universal Fit
Manually Operated Toggle Clamps that accommodate both inch and metric mounting-hole patterns.

Toggle clamps are used for temporary clamping that can be latched and released easily via the motion of a handle, lever, or pneumatic switch. Different applications for toggle clamps require different sizes, clamping pressure and different configurations. J.W. Winco supplies toggle clamps in the configurations of vertical, horizontal, push-pull, cam, latch, and hook designs.

J.W. Winco offers a large variety of designs in our toggle clamp line, in both steel and stain- less steel as well as accessories and related products like spindles, toggle screws, plastic handles, clamping arms and extenders, bush- ings, base plates, proximity switches, toggle pliers and knee lever modules.

GN 3663 Aluminum Torque Limiting Knurled Knobs insures that maximum permissible torque is not exceeded
GN 3663 Aluminum Torque Limiting Knurled Knobs from J.W. Winco are offered in a threaded stud or tapped insert type. These knurled knobs are used when manually applied torque is to be limited. When turned clockwise, the torque mechanical system of the knurled knob triggers an “over- engagement” as soon as the specified torque is reached. When tightening, this insures that maximum permissible torque is not exceeded. When turned counter-clockwise, loosening the knob, the mechanical system locks so that the torque is not limited. Torque necessary for release will always be transmitted properly.

After removal of cover and loosening of the countersunk screw, the tapped or threaded stud insert can be dismantled. In addition, ver- sions with inch size tapped holes or threaded studs are available upon request.

The body of these RoHS compliant knobs is aluminum, with a black anodized finish, while the torque mechanism is steel with a blackened finish and the cover cap is plastic with a light gray matte finish.

Anti-Vibration Mounts act as dampers and prevent damaging shock and rebound
J.W. Winco offers a full range of Anti-Vibration Mounts in inch and metric sizes, with steel and stainless
steels components, tapped and stud types.

Vibration absorption mounts, made of natural rubber, absorb most of the accumulated kinetic energy on impact. They act as dampers and prevent damaging shock and rebound. They also act as sound dampers, and can be used as leveling feet. The parabolic shape generates progressive resilience characteristics: impact and shock effects are absorbed more gently.

These mounts are simple and economical construction elements. Their resilience and their broad range of different sizes, shapes and dimensions allow them to be used in many applications that require vibration isolation.

These RoHS-compliant vibration isolation mounts, also known as vibration mounts, anti- vibration mounts, vibration bobbins or rubber bumpers, are suitable for use on a variety of equipment including motors, compressors and pumps.

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