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09/23/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 09/2020


Indexing Plungers GN 818 in AISI 316

Star Knobs with Loss Protection GN 5334.13 in AISI 316

Standard Parts made from AISI 316 Stainless Steel

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08/26/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 08/2020


Connector Clamps with Locating Option

Vibration Isolation Mounts in Hourglass Shape

Edge Protection Profiles Application Video

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08/11/2020 | Newsletter

Expanded Range of Smaller Adjustable and Clamping Levers


JW Winco now offers Adjustable Levers and Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam in smaller sizes for smaller applications along with a Locking Pin for...

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07/22/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 07/2020


Cross Spirit Levels GN 2276

Stainless Steel Tubular Handles GN 333.6 / GN 333.7

Shaft Clamping Units Application Video GN 928

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06/24/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 06/2020


L-Handle Rapid Release Pins GN 314

Hinges with Spring-Loaded Return EN 233.3

CAD Download Video

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05/20/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 05/2020


Hygienic Design Indexing Plungers GN 8170

Serrated Locking Plates with Accessory GN 187.5

Telescopic Slides Application Video

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04/23/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 04/2020


New Branch in Canada

Hinges for Use with Aluminum Profiles

Pneumatic Fastening Clamps with Nonstick Coating

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03/19/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 03/2020


Indexing Plungers for Position Monitoring GN 817.6

Lift and Turn Compression Latches EN 5630

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02/20/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 02/2020


Digital Position Indicators with Data Transmission EN 9153

Adjustable Levers with Special-Tipped Threaded Studs

WN 306 / GN 306

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01/22/2020 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 01/2020


Stainless Steel Assembly Pins with Accessories

Direct Import of 3D CAD Models into the CAD System

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