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GN 653.2 Steel & Stainless Steel Flat Knurled Thumb

01/09/2018 | Press

JW Winco Announces Availability of Steel and Stainless Steel Flat Knurled Thumb Screws


GN 653.2 Steel & Stainless Steel Flat Knurled Thumb Screws can be used to prevent loss of the thumb screw, due to the recessed portion of the stud

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Stainless Steel Assembly Pins

01/03/2018 | Press

Stainless Steel Assembly Pins By JW Winco


GN 2342 assembly pins are characterized by their use in diverse applications.

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Heavy Duty Latch Type Toggle Clamps

12/12/2017 | Press

JW Winco Introduces Latch Type, Heavy Duty Toggle Clamps


GN 852.3 Steel & Stainless-Steel Latch Type Toggle Clamps are compact in design and can be used to ensure high holding capacities

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Control Levers

11/28/2017 | Press

Steel Control Levers Now Available from JW Winco


New GN 223 Steel Control Levers perform smoothly and powerfully thanks to the heavy-duty arm of the lever.

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Aluminum Angle Connector Clamps

11/14/2017 | Press

JW Winco Offers Aluminum Angle Connector Clamps


New GN 196 Aluminum Angle Connector Clamps have clamping bores that are specially designed for JW Winco metric construction tubing Series GN 990, DIN...

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GN 414.1 Metric Size, Steel, Safety Indexing Plungers

10/31/2017 | Press

JW Winco Offers Metric Size, Steel Safety Indexing Plungers with Push Button Click-Type Lock


New GN 414.1 safety indexing plungers with click type lock are used when the plunger pin is to be briefly prevented from protruding. The safety lock...

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10/17/2017 | Press

JW Winco Strengthens Commitment to the Future by Launching New Logo, Website


Steady sales growth attributed to evolved processes, increased inventory and customization capabilities

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GN 342.1 and GN 342.2

10/17/2017 | Press

Metric Size, Steel Vibration Dampening Leveling Mounts Offered By JW Winco


GN 342.1 & GN 342.2 leveling mounts features a recommendation up to the point the dampening element that can be permanently subjected.

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GN 214.2

10/03/2017 | Press

JW Winco Introduces GN 214.2 Metric Size, Rapid Release Pins


New GN 214.2, Rapid Release Pins are used for quick assembly, connecting and locking of various jig and fixture systems. This version with the...

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09/19/2017 | Press

Leveling feet in Hygienic Design, with mounting holes now Available from JW Winco


The smallest of areas on equipment can contaminate entire production lines. Therefore, Winco now offers a special series of “hygienic” Standard Parts...

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