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Steel and Stainless Steel Vertical Acting Toggle Clamps, Safety Hook and Vertical Mounting Base Available from JW Winco


During closing, a safety hook ensures a form-locking bolting connection. It prevents inadvertent unlocking of the clamping position caused by vibrations.

JW Winco, Inc., A Ganter Company, a leading supplier of standard industrial machine components, now has available GN 810.4 Steel and Stainless Steel Vertical Acting Toggle Clamps, Safety Hook and Vertical Mounting Base.

These vertical acting toggle clamps have two locking features in both the closed and open positions. In addition, they have a safety function whereby, during closing, a spring-loaded safety hook latch ensures a secure locking connection. “This feature prevents the inadvertent unlocking of the clamp due to vibrations or an accidental attempt of loosening or opening the clamp,” said John Winkler, CEO, Office of the President at JW Winco. “Used not only on jigs and fixtures to hold raw material for machining, these toggle clamps are great for applications requiring any type of hold down, such as lids, flaps, and quick-change components.”

In the clamped position, the operating lever is in its vertical position. To open and release the clamp, which is a one hand operation, the user presses the main operating handle and the grip of the safety hook latch together to disengage the latch mechanism. “The clamps work according to the toggle principle, as the lever and clamping bar move in the same direction,” Winkler said.

In the steel version, the toggle clamp is made of case hardened steel with a zinc plated, blue passivated finish. The bearing pins are tempered while the bearing rivets are case hardened. The stainless steel version is manufactured from European Standard No. 1.4301 (AISI 304) material. The hand grips are made from a high quality, oil resistant red plastic, and all moving parts are lubricated with a special grease.


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