Various products need to be packaged in specific ways for safe shipping, and much of the packaging is done with complex machinery to complete the job efficiently. Finding the right packaging equipment components for your industry is a time-consuming process that can distract from your operations. Standard parts are extremely versatile in their application and therefore can offer great opportunities. An increased use of standard parts greatly reduces the costs of product development and in turn, provides the engineer with more time to devote on larger project requirements. The engineers can concentrate on the actual machine or equipment design, as standard parts can cost-effectively be procured externally. The wheel does not have to be re-invented, and the creativity in developing can be the focus again.

JW Winco has many different components for packaging and processing machines for many different industry sectors.

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Handles, hinges, levers, handwheels, knobs or clamping devices - these components are essential to the packaging industry. Components, many of which come from JW Winco, a leading manufacturer / distributor of inch and metric standard parts, offered in plastic, steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum to support each industry’s specific 

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