EN 628.1 Antimicrobial Ergostyle® Bridge Handles Technopolymer Plastic, with Counterbored Mounting Holes


EN 628.1 Technopolymer Plastic, Antimicrobial Ergostyle® Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes
ELESA Original design
code: EBP.SAN

Product Family Ergostyle

Ergostyle standard parts combine functional and ergonomic operation with attractive appearance. Numerous design awards are proof of the high quality claim. The hallmark of Ergostyle products are five small dots.

  • functional, ergonomic design
  • ultimate design quality (numerous design awards)
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Product Family Sanline

Sanline standard parts made of antimicrobial synthetic materials or coatings prevent microbes or bacteria from settling and growing on operating elements. The technology based on silver ions is absolutely harmless for the user and also remains effective after many cleaning cycles.

  • antimicrobial plastic/coating
  • long-lasting efficiency, also after frequent cleaning
  • absolutely harmless for the user
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Product description


EN 628.1 Elesa® original design technopolymer plastic Ergostyle® bridge handle.
EN 628.1 handles are manufactured from a new antimicrobial plastic.

Adding a silver-based substance has created a natural active agent which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria, fungi and similar potentially harmful organisms. Even after repeated cleaning with soap or solvent, the antimicrobial effect of this additive will not diminish. Sterilizing at temperatures below 130° C (265° F) will also have no effect on the antimicrobial property.

With these properties, the handles are the perfect choice for use in medical engineering, in the food and the pharmaceutical industry, and in general wherever hygiene is of great importance.
Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents. Temperature resistant to 130° C (265 F).


Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)
  • special glass-fibre reinforced
  • temperature resistant up to 266 °F (130 °C)
  • black-gray matte finish
    similar to RAL 7021

Color of the Cover caps:
Black-gray, RAL 7021DSGDSG
supplied but not assembled, press-fit, removable with screwdriver

RoHS compliant

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EN 628.1 Technopolymer Plastic, Antimicrobial Ergostyle® Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes sketch

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