EN 570.6 Crank Handles Technopolymer Plastic, With Locking Retractable Handle


EN 570.6 Technopolymer Plastic Crank Handles, With Locking Retractable Handle

Product description


Elesa® original design EN 570.6 technopolymer plastic crank handles.

Crank handles with retractable hand piece are for applications where the hand piece must not protrude.

In the operating position, the hand piece is firmly locked. By pulling the hand piece in the axial direction out of its locating cone, it can be folded back into place.

The spring holds the hand piece firmly in both positions.

The structure of the crank arm and special technopolymer used make this handle very strong and therefore suitable for heavy duty work.

Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents.


Crank body
Special glass-fiber reinforced technopolymer plastic, black, matte finish

Steel, black oxide finish, molded in

Cover disk
Aluminum, matte anodized, self-adhesive (apply after assembly of crank handle to shaft)

Revolving retractable handle
Special glass-fiber reinforced black technopolymer plastic, with black oxide steel stem and retracting mechanism

Both dimensions, inch and metric, are interchangeable

RoHS compliant

On request

Inch and metric bores, squares, keyways, set screw holes, etc.

Technical drawing

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EN 570.6 Technopolymer Plastic Crank Handles, With Locking Retractable Handle sketch

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PAPolyamide (PA)
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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
Pilot Hole
3.15P 6.87.671.18.871.421.
3.94P 8.94.831.34.911.571.
5.12P 101.10.981.57.911.931.
6.30P 101.341.061.771.
8.35P 121.571.221.971.102.362.09.591.02.79.913.543.439.921.18

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