EN 5348 Hand knobs with position indicator Technopolymer Plastic, Integrated pendulum system and Analog Indication


EN 5348 Technopolymer Plastic Hand knobs with position indicator, Integrated pendulum system and Analog Indication
ELESA original design
code: MBT.50/GA11

Product description


On EN 5348 hand knobs with position indicator, the measuring gear is built into the knob--i.e., hand knob and indicator are one integrated unit. This makes for an esthetically pleasing design as well as a good value.

Hand knob and sight glass are all in one piece, welded ultrasonically. They are spray waterproof and corrosion proof (Protection class IP 67 according to DIN VDE 0470-1), oil and solvent proof (not suitable for alcohol). Temperature resistant up to 212°F (100 °C)

The pendulum system is mounted on ball bearings to give the most accurate reading, usable up to a shaft inclination angle of 60°.

The reduction gear ratio in the table shows the number of revolutions that are required by the long red pointer to make the small black pointer complete one revolution.

Installation Instructions
1. Turn the shaft to the starting point (0 position).
3. Move the unmounted position indicator to the 0 position before mounting it.
4. Install the position indicator to the shaft and secure it with the set screw.


Hand knob Plastic
Technoplymer (Polyamide PA)
  • Glass fiber reinforced
  • Black, matte

Sight glass Plastic
Technoplymer (Polyamide PA-T)
  • Transparent
  • Shock and aging resistant

Pointer Plastic
  • Long pointer red
  • Short pointer black

Scale Aluminum
  • Matte anodized
  • Graduation lines and numbers black

  • Steel, black anodized finish
  • Molded in

Socket set screw to hold position indicator in place, DIN 916
  • Steel, black oxide finish
  • Internal hexagon and serrated point

RoHS compliant

On request

Special scales
Certain other reduction gear ratios with minimum order quantity.

Technical drawing

Technical drawing ausblenden
EN 5348 Technopolymer Plastic Hand knobs with position indicator, Integrated pendulum system and Analog Indication  sketch

Article options / Table


RNumbers increasing clockwise
LNumbers increasing counter-clockwise
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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
Bore B
Counting gear
1.97B 82:1*10:124:150:1*.71.941.651.24.691.89.24
1.97B 84:1*12:130:160:1*.71.941.651.24.691.89.24
1.97B 86:1*16:1*36:1*72:1*.71.941.651.24.691.89.24
1.97B 88:1*20:140:1100:1*.71.941.651.24.691.89.24
2.76B 102:1*10:124:150:1*.871.102.361.30.872.05.24
2.76B 104:1*12:130:160:1*.871.102.361.30.872.05.24
2.76B 106:116:1*36:172:1*.871.102.361.30.872.05.24
2.76B 108:1*20:140:1*100:1*.871.102.361.30.872.05.24
* not available from stock, requires a minimum order quantity

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Outside diameter d1
Bore d2
Reduction Gear

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