GN 411.2 Centering Bore Clamps Steel


GN 411.2 Steel Centering Bore Clamps Type: K - with clamping balls
Type: K - with clamping balls
GN 411.2 Steel Centering Bore Clamps Type: K - with clamping balls GN 411.2 Steel Centering Bore Clamps Type: S - with clamping segments

Product description


With GN 411.2 Centering Bore Clamps, workpieces can be centrally positioned and clamped from the inside of the bore.

They offer the following advantages:

- Precise self centering
- Repetitive accuracy: ± 0.025 mm
- Accuracy of concentricity: ± 0.05 mm
- Solid and stable clamping through either 3 or 6 contact points on the workpiece
- Clamping of workpieces with uneven or irregular surface (such as castings)
- Distortion free clamping
- Reduced height
- Can be fitted in any position
- Large adjustable range
- Draw-down clamping

Operating Principle

A circular ball cage containing 3 or 6 balls is forced outwards over an accurately guided cone by means of a screw which, through the exerted thrust, will enlarge the outside diameter of the circular ball cage. This in turn will lead to a firm contact between the centering clamp and the bore of the workpiece.

Type K (with balls) is used for clamping applications where tiny ball marks at the contact points with the workpiece are acceptable. Type S (with clamping segments) is a non-marking type, and is used in applications where marks at the clamping points are unacceptable.


Clamp body
Steel, hardened and blackened

Clamping balls/segments
Hardened, blank, ground

RoHS compliant

On request

Centering bore clamps GN 411.3
operable from the opposite side respectively for hydraulic or pneumatic operation

Centering bore clamps with 2 clamping elements for clamping tubes

Technical drawing

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GN 411.2 Steel Centering Bore Clamps sketch

Part Options / Table


Kwith clamping balls
Swith clamping segments
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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
w1w2Number of
in kN
.46*.56-M 4.17.06-. lbf (.5 kN)
.57.73.47M lbf (3.5 kN)
.73.89.59M lbf (4 kN)
.891.04.79M lbf (4.5 kN) lbf (4.5 kN) lbf (4.5 kN)
1.521.831.18M lbf (6.5 kN)
1.832.151.18M lbf (6.5 kN)
2.152.781.77M lbf (8 kN)
2.783.412.36M lbf (10 kN)
3.414.042.36M lbf (12.5 kN)
*this size is only available as type K

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