GN 896.2 Proximity Switches for Pneumatic Toggle Clamps with Mounting Bracket


Product description


GN 896.2 proximity switches are sensitive devices able to point out a magnetic field by means of electric pulses. In this pneumatic, magnetic series, the clamps are supplied with magnetic cylinders: these cylinders, provided with proximity switches, emit electric monitoring or control pulses when operating.

Since the switch incorporates an LED indicator, a voltage drop of 8 volts is produced. This fact should be known before using switches in series with low voltage supply. Long cable lengths introduce a capacitive affect which can damage the switch, therefore a lead as short as possible is recommended. For instance, with a wire longer than 10 meters, serial connection to a switch is advised to eliminate the capacity effects of the wire.

Avoid close proximity to external magnetic fields such as electric engines or large iron masses.
Maximum linear piston speed is 1 meter/second.

The proximity switches with their mounting brackets can be set anywhere along the full stroke length of the cylinder.


Voltage range: 3 to 110 V AC/DC

Switch load: 0,3 A

Switch capacity (inductive): 10 V A

Voltage drop LED: 3 V

Temp. range: -20° C to +85° C

Slew rate: 0,6 mS

Life expectancy: 107 operations

Protection class: IP 67

Electric cable PVC
2 wires, 2,5 m.
If used on DC brown wire to be connected to +, for the diode to work.

Technical drawing

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GN 896.2 Proximity Switches for Pneumatic Toggle Clamps with Mounting Bracket sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
Proximity switch
bh1h2Length l
860-200-AP3-MGN 896.
860-200-EP3-MGN 896.
860-300-AP3-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
860-300-EP3-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
862-200-APV3-MGN 896.
862-200-EPV3-MGN 896.
862-300-APV3-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
862-300-EPV3-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
862.1-200-APV3S-MGN 896.
862.1-200-EPV3S-MGN 896.
862.1-300-APV3S-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
862.1-300-EPV3S-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55
890-360-SP3-MGN 896.
890-1100-SP3-MGN 896.21.971.06.43.55

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