GN 7072.3 Two-Piece Split Set Collars Stainless Steel, with Damping Washer


GN 7072.3 Stainless Steel Two-Piece Split Set Collars, with Damping Washer

Product Family Stainless Steel

Standard parts made of rustproof stainless steel have been designed for use in the food sector, in the chemical industry, for aggressive ambient conditions or for outdoor use.

  • corrosion-resistant
  • precise fit
  • environmentally friendly
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Product description


The affixed damping washer, of the GN 7072.3 stainless steel split set collars, absorbs mild shocks and has a sound-dampening effect when the set collars come into contact with other components.

They can be assembled safely and easily with a high clamping force by reducing the slot height, without damaging the surface of shafts and axles. As compared to semi-split set collars, split set collars can even be assembled radially.

The thread d3 for sizes d1 = 30 to 36 is designed as a through hole; for sizes d1 = 42 and larger, it is designed as blind hole.


Stainless steelNI
Sintered steel
European Standard No. 1.4404 (AISI 316 LHC)

Damping washer
Elastomer (PUR)
  • 70 shore A
  • Temperature resistant up to 176 °F (80 °C)
  • Transparent

Socket cap screw DIN 912
Stainless steel
European Standard No. 1.4301 (AISI 304)

RoHS compliant


Clamping kits GN 311

Technical drawing

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GN 7072.3 Stainless Steel Two-Piece Split Set Collars, with Damping Washer sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
d1d2 +0.003
shaft tolerance -0.004
b1b2d3sx ≈
max. protrusion of
cap screw
Clamping kits for d3
1.18B 12-.43.51M 4.08.03311-30-M4-12-SW
1.26B 14-.43.51M 4.08.03311-30-M4-12-SW
1.42B 15B 16.51.59M 5.08.06311-30-M5-13-SW
1.65B 18B 20.59.71M 5.12.02311-30-M5-15-SW
1.89B 22B 25.59.71M 5.120311-45-M5-16-SW
2.17B 28B 30.59.71M 6.12.02311-45-M6-18-SW
2.36B 32B 35.59.71M 6.16.02311-45-M6-19-SW
2.56B 40-.59.71M 6.16.02311-45-M6-20-SW

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Outside diameter d1
Bore d2

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