GN 882 Breather Filters Brass


GN 882 Brass Breather Filters

Product description


GN 882 breather filters are used when air exchange is to be allowed between the inside of the container and the ambient air.

The filter prevents airborne particles like dust from being carried from the outside to the inside of the container. It also ensures that oil (or other fluid) particles do not escape to the outside.

The above diagram shows the air passage as a factor of the differential pressure.


Valve body
  • Brass

Breather cap
  • Stainless steel
    AISI 304, European Standard No. 14301

Air filter
  • Stainless steel-wire mesh
    AISI 304, European Standard No. 14301
  • filter category G2-G3,
  • mean separation rate (Am approx. 65-85%, based on a particle size > 10 μm)

  • DIN 7603 A, soft iron 1.0338

Temperature resistant
  • From -22° F to 212° F (-30° C to +100° C)

RoHS compliant

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Other materials
With dipstick

Technical drawing

Technical drawing ausblenden
GN 882 Brass Breather Filters sketch

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M 12 x 1.5-.
M 14 x 1.5-.
-G 1/
M 16 x 1.5G 3/
M 18 x 1.5-.
M 20 x 1.5-1.02.791.
M 22 x 1.5-1.06.791.
-G 1/21.02.791.
M 24 x 1.5-1.14.791.
M 26 x 1.5G 3/41.26.791.
M 30 x 1.5-1.42.791.
-G 11.54.791.

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Material of the valve body

Material of the breather

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