GN 990 Construction Tubings Stainless Steel, Round or Square, For Tube Clamp Connectors

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GN 990 Stainless Steel, Round or Square Construction Tubings sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
Diameter D
Square V
Length l d2s2w1w2
D 10-300100020003000.28-.06-
D 12-300100020003000.35-.06-
D 14-300100020003000.43-.06-
D 15-300100020003000.47-.06-
D 16-300100020003000.51-.06-
D 18-300100020003000.59-.06-
D 20V 20300100020003000.
D 25V 25300100020003000.
D 30V 303001000200030001.
D 32-3001000200030001.10-.08-
D 35-3001000200030001.22-.08-
D 40V 403001000200030001.341.34.12.12
-V 453001000200030001.541.54.12.12
D 42.4-3001000200030001.46-.10-
D 48.3-3001000200030001.70-.10-
D 50V 503001000200030001.731.73.12.12
D 60-3001000200030002.05-.16-
D 60.3-3001000200030002.09-.14-

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Diameter d1
Square s1

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