GN 2408 Telescopic Linear Slides Metric Size, Steel, With H-Shaped Rail


GN 2408 Metric Size, Steel, Telescopic Linear Slides, With H-Shaped Rail

Product description


GN 2408 telescopic linear slides with H-shaped rail consist of two interconnected linear motion bearings. They are used, for example, in handling or automation applications and in jigmaking, for straight-line traversal distance when large extension and a low construction height of the rail are required. The H shape of the rails profile gives the configuration a high degree of sturdiness.

The rails and runner are equal in length. Both rails can be extended so that an extension is reached which is longer than the base length l1.

Removing the support screws from the rails allows a stroke of the runners on both sides.

External elements should limit the maximum sliding distance; the supports of the rail have been designed to guard against the inadvertent extraction of the runner from the rail.


Rail and runner
Heat-treatable steel
  • zinc plated, blue passivated finish
  • raceways hardened

Anti-friction bearing steel, hardened

Ball cage
Steel, zinc plated

Rail connection
  • Blank rivets, St. Steel (h1 = 28 and 35)
  • Screws, Steel zinc plated (h1 = 43)

On request

other lengths (based on the standard lengths grid dimension of 80 mm)
Special lengths (between (d2 bores, start and end distances)

Technical drawing

Technical drawing ausblenden
GN 2408 Metric Size, Steel, Telescopic Linear Slides, With H-Shaped Rail sketch

Article options / Table


GGRunner with thread, on both sides
DGRunner 1 x with counterunk and 1 x with thread
DDRunner with countersunk, on both sides
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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
h1l1 - l2
Length - Stroke
1.10210 - 232370 - 380450 - 464530 - 548.971.02M
1.38370 - 406450 - 494530 - 558610 - 6461.301.34M
1.69450 - 486610 - 626770 - 796930 - 9661.651.73M

Build & Price

Height h1
Length of the rail l1

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