GN 1804.2 Slotted Lock Nuts Steel, with Thread Locking Screw


GN 1804.2 Steel Slotted Lock Nuts, with Thread Locking Screw

Product description


GN 1804.2 slotted lock nuts with thread locking can be secured against twisting by twisting off the threaded shaft via a d4 set screw. The thread flanks of the nut ensure damage-free securing and can be used as often as needed.

The d3 offset plane surface is intended as an axial contact surface.


  • Tensile strength class 5.8 (500 N/mm2)
  • Blackened finish

Set screw
Steel, blackened finish

RoHS compliant


C-spanner DIN 1810
(Code no. see table)

Technical drawing

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GN 1804.2 Steel Slotted Lock Nuts, with Thread Locking Screw sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
M 12 x 4.20.24A54601
M 14 x 4.20.28A54619
M 16 x 5.20.28A54619
M 18 x 1.51.341.10M 5.24.31A54627
M 20 x 1.51.421.18M 5.24.31A54627
M 22 x 1.51.571.34M 5.24.35A54635
M 24 x 1.51.651.42M 5.24.35A54635
M 30 x 1.51.971.69M 5.28.39A54643
M 35 x 6.28.43A54650
M 40 x 1.52.442.13M 8.31.47A54668

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Thread d1

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