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EN 239.6 Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch Technopolymer Plastic, With Cable


EN 239.6 Technopolymer Plastic Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch, With Cable Type: AK - Cable at the top
ELESA original design

code: CFSW.
Type: AK - Cable at the top
EN 239.6 Technopolymer Plastic Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch, With Cable Type: AK - Cable at the top EN 239.6 Technopolymer Plastic Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch, With Cable Type: BK - Cable from the bottom EN 239.6 Technopolymer Plastic Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch, With Cable Type: CK - Cable from the backside

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Product description


EN 239.6 hinges with integrated safety switch were designed for monitoring guard doors and covers of machines and production equipment. Opening the door activates the switch contacts, which then interrupts a protective circuit via a break contact (NC) and at the same time signal the door opening by closing a make-contact element (NO).

The contact blocks are fitted with force-opening slow-action contacts, i.e. they will definitely be separated when activated and have no hysteresis. The angle at which the switching points are reached is adjustable (see contact travel diagram).

The integrated design of the contact blocks makes these hinges compact, tamper-proof and easy to mount.

Maximum heat resistance of technopolymer plastic: 80°C (175°F).

Operating instructions showing additional important technical information are included with every hinge.

For matching hinges without safety switch, see EN 239.7.

Can be used with GN 965 T-Nut Assemblies and 30/40 mm aluminum profile systems.
Can also be used with GN 968 T-Nut Assemblies and 30/40/45 mm aluminum profile systems.


Housing, hinge pin and mounting bushings
Technopolymer plastic (Polyamide PA), black matte finish

RoHS compliant

On request

Hinges with operation angle > 0°
Hinges with other contact block

Technical drawing

Hide technical drawing
EN 239.6 Technopolymer Plastic Hinges with Integrated Safety Switch, With Cable sketch

Part Options / Table


AKCable at the top
BKCable from the bottom
CKCable from the backside

Identification no.

1Contact block with 2NC / 2NO
2Contact block with 3NC / 1NO
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
Cable length
in metre

Build & Price

Width l1
Length l2
Identification No.


Cable length l3

Mechanical features

Maximal load

Information without safety factor


668689c7-4677-4e5d-9c0d-620152327265 0ea1faca-3c9d-43d9-a52c-9cf80e25c57c c995a543-784c-4500-a1b1-88e5823a3cb8

Examples of calculation
→ see

F max.

2100 N

2800 N

1300 N


from the front, with contersunk screws or cylinder head screws, e.g. DIN 7991 / DIN 912
from the back, with hexagon head screws or nuts, e.g. DIN 933 / DIN 934

Recommended torque

5 Nm (Screws and nuts M6)

Protection class


acc. to EN 60529

Switching principle, contact opening

Slow-action contacts
force-fitted, with positive opening

acc. to IEC 60947-5-1, K

Contact material

Silver alloy Ag 999

Operating travel diagram

The switching points are adjustable
up to 4° in direction of 0°.

see operating instruction

Skizze Schaltwegdiagramm GN 239.6

Maximum operating frequency

1200 operating cycles / hour

acc. to IEC 60947-5-1

Mechanical life span

106 operating cycles

acc. to IEC 60947-5-1

Actuating speed

min. 2° / second, max. 90° / second

Electrical features

Utilization category

acc. to IMQ

DC 13: 24 V DC / 2 A (connector plug)
AC 15: 400 V AC / 4 A (cable)
DC 13: 250 V AC / 0,3 A (cable)

acc. to EN 60947-5-1
acc. to EN 60947-5-2

acc. to UL

Plug - C 300 / Q 300: AC / DC Control signals 24 V / 2 A electrical circuit cat. 2
Cable - C 300: 240 V AC / 0,75 A / Q 300: 250 V DC / 0,27 A / therm. current 2,5 A

Contacts, termination
8-pole connector M12 or
9 wire cable with
2 m or 5 m length
Pin and cable assignment

GN 239.6 Skizze 5

Type of cable


Short-circuit current

1000 A

acc. to IQM

Rated insulation voltage

30 V AC/DC (connector plug) and 400 AC (cable)

Short-circuit protection

4 A, 500 V, Type gG

Ambient temperature

- 20 °C ... + 80 °C

Degree of pollution, external


acc. to EN 60947-5-1

Mission time (TM)

20 years

acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Number of cycles (B10 d)

2 000 000

acc. to EN 61820-2

Approvals, Conformities, Applicability

982910aa-5a77-4fcc-9ea5-5c9a9a4e0000 8f4a6cdc-b0bd-44ce-8f35-58f928575dcc 7ebc08b6-7845-4b23-b3e8-5dc5cb6887c1

EN 60947-1/2007
EN 60947-1-5 : 2004 + A1/2009

Safety applications

until SIL 3 / PL e

acc. to EN ISO 13849-1

Other important details and hints are given in the operating instructions for GN 239.6 hinges which are included with every hinge and which are also available as PDF downloads from
The hinges with safety switch must be mounted and commissioned by qualified technical personnel in compliance with the details given in the operating instructions and with the national and international rules and regulations and the applicable standards. Otto Ganter GmbH & Co. KG will assume no statutory liability for missing or incorrect information and for any consequences arising therefrom.

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