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Types of Retaining Magnet Assemblies

The use of retaining magnet assemblies is a simple solution for no-wear magnetic holding of an object.

Due to their structure, these magnet assemblies have only one magnetic pulling force level. The full magnetic force is focused directly onto the adhesive surface by means of iron magnetic poles.

The spatial effect of the magnetic field is limited by shielded systems, so that surrounding objects are not magnetized.

Flat gripper:

Ø d = 6-125 mm       h = 4.5-26 mm 
Housing: Steel, zinc plated, red lacquered finish, or stainless steel.

Ø d = 12-88 mm       h = 6-8.5 mm 
Housing: Steel, zinc plated, with rubber jacket.

Rod Gripper

Ø d = 4-63 mm       h = 10-65 mm 
Housing: Steel, zinc plated, red lacquered finish.

Ø d = 6-32 mm       h = 20-40 mm 
Sandwich configuration of the steel poles, housing brass.

Button-type / U-Magnets:

Ø d = 13-32 mm       h1 = 10-25.4 mm 
   b = 22-79 mm       h2 = 17-54 mm 
Cast, unshielded system, red lacquered.

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