Casters and Wheels

There are practically an infinite number of ways to use casters and wheels in machine construction. Consequently, we offer a huge line of these products to accommodate a vast number of different applications. Caster brackets are available in plastic, steel, and stainless steel. Wheel/treads are offered in wood, metal, rubber, and a variety of types of plastic. Plate fittings or bolt fittings, single or twin wheel, swivel or fixed, solid or pneumatic options are available, as well as many wheel colors. Different casters offer features such as hygienic design, high heat resistance, high shock absorption, non-marking tires, and resistance to chemical corrosion. Meanwhile, of course, many sizes and load ratings are available.
We also offer wheels without brackets, pallet truck rollers, and custom made casters. When moving heavy machinery or ground support equipment contact us for our heavy-duty spring-loaded casters. If the application requires sanitary / hygienic wheels and casters for food processing equipment or medical technology, we have on request stainless steel and synthetic casters that make it easier to move medical equipment, nursing beds, medical furniture, lab equipment, kitchen appliances, dairy machines, or design furniture.

Special modifications available:

  • studs
  • threads

Casters and wheels are also referred to as:

heavy duty casters, twin wheel casters, pallet truck rollers, swivel casters, leveling casters, fixed caster, caster with brake, custom casters, blickle, blickle wheels, blickle casters, cart wheels, swivel head casters, castors, trolley wheels, caster wheels, roller coaster wheels, lift truck wheels, and hand truck wheels
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