Lifting, swinging, latching

Adjustable hand levers are definitely among the most important standard parts for clamping and fixing in place. They are found in all kinds of applications, and the Ganter portfolio is correspondingly diverse – now even more so with new, more versatile models.

For over 50 years, Ganter has had the standard for all adjustable hand levers in its selection: The GN 300 is a timeless yet modern standard part that can be used in almost any context. And: It is the basis for a hand lever family that has been successively expanded by Ganter, with variations for specific applications or with special dimensions and additional functions.

The type GN 307, for example, integrates a key additional component: an undetachable washer of hardened steel. The axially attached washer does not turn during tightening, protects the clamping surface against damage and enlarges the contact surface. Despite the additional washer, the length of the thread is identical to that of the previous models, making replacement a breeze.

An enlarged circular clamping surface can also be found in the GN 300.4. It integrates an axial ball bearing into the washer, which reduces friction during tightening – and allows a doubling of the clamping force.

If specially shaped studs are needed, try the GN 306 – it offers brass- or plastic-tipped studs, hardened tips, ball pins or circular thrust points to gently distribute the force.

The Stainless Steel variants GN 300.5 (matt shot-blasted) and GN 300.6 (electropolished) are intended for applications in corrosive environments. In particular, the special geometry and external hexagon retaining screw make it less susceptible to soiling or standing liquids.

Meanwhile, the GN 305 in Hygienic Design is certified by DGUV Test to meet high hygiene standards. It combines zero dead space with a solid Stainless Steel handle as well a hygienic seal between the threaded stud and the disengageable handle body as well as against the contact surface.

The original model GN 300 has also been further optimized. It is now available with a markedly shorter handle that reduces space requirements with a length of 22 millimeters and limits the applied torque during tightening – this variant is intended especially for light applications, such as with M3 and M4 threads.

The GN 300 zinc die casting handle is available in a variety of coating colors, the bushing and retaining screw are made of non-rusting Stainless Steel in variant GN 300.1, while GN 300.2 features zinc plated and blue passivated steel – all state of the art, as always from Ganter.


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