FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

As a new customer, how can I place an order?
  • Straightforward! Simply register here.
  • If you are a new customer to JW Winco, click here to register.
  • If you are an existing customer and know your customer number, please click here.
How do I get my password for registering?
  • You specify your own password.
  • If you are already registered and have forgotten your password, click here and you are able to send a new password to your e-mail address.
  • If you are an existing customer and have not registered online but know your customer number, please click here.
I have forgotten my password. What now?
  • If you are already registered and have forgotten your password, click here and you are able to send a new password to your e-mail address.
Where will I find CAD data?
  • CAD data is located on the bottom of the page in the selected part section. 
  • You can only download three CAD models per day with a unique email address unless you register on our site for unlimited downloads.
  • Here is a document that shows you how to download CAD.
  • Here is a video explaining how to download CAD.
Can I also order online?
  • Yes, you can check out as a guest or under an account.
Are there any minimums for orders?
  • No, you can buy 1 part at any price.
Will JW Winco also accept online orders from countries outside of the United States, Canada, and Mexico?
  • We do not offer online buying to non-U.S./Canadian customers due to foreign exchange rates and unknown shipping, duties, and brokerage costs.
  • For price and delivery of our products, we ask that our overseas customers call our Customer Service Department at 1-262-786-8227 or use our RFQ form to submit your specific request. 
  • A sales associate will respond to your phone or email inquiry as soon as possible. 
I need on-site advice for an application. Can someone from JW Winco come round?
  • No problem! You’ll find our field staff member for your region here.
Can you send by express delivery?
  • Express delivery options are available. Please contact our Sales Department by phone +1-800-877-8351 or email sales@jwwinco.com for instructions and more information.
  • Express delivery requires an email with authorization and approval that the customer will accept the additional charge.
  • Same day delivery is possible to some regions of the US. Contact our Sales Department for more information and expedite fees.
How do I apply for credit?
  • You can apply for credit with the application here.
Where is my shipment?
  • You can track your shipment here.
Can I use my collect number for shipments?
  • Buyers wanting to use their collect number for carrier's shipping charges are required to provide the collect number in writing on a purchase order.  
  • If buyer provides an incorrect number, buyer accepts liability for reimbursement to seller for carrier's correction fee and associated shipping charges.  
  • In order to prevent any possible fraudulent claims and losses due to misuse, buyers' carrier collect numbers will not be stored by seller, and therefore will need to be provided in writing by buyer on each occasion of use.
How can I find old part numbers?
  • Click here to view our past part numbers and the new ones.
What is JW Winco’s BBB Rating?
How do I find JW Winco’s ISO certificate?
  • You can find our ISO certificate here.
How do I place a Tax Exempt Order?
  • Orders that are tax exempt need to be registered as a customer with the tax exempt certificate on file and logged into your account during checkout. To register go here.
  • Please send tax exempt certificates to sales@jwwinco.com
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