09/27/22 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 9/2022


Now Offering 100,000 Standard Parts Online Zinc Die-Cast Indexing Plungers in Inch Sizes High-End Precision Guide Rollers Couplings from JW Winco: …

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09/22/22 | Company Press

High-End Precision Guide Rollers


They may appear unassuming, but their range of applications is enormous: guide rollers with ball bearings achieve smooth and dynamic movements. JW…

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08/31/22 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 8/2022


Bevel Gear Boxes and Worm Gear Reducers Sealed Standard Parts Made for Hygienic Requirements Upcoming Trade Shows - Visit Us! JW Winco’s new…

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08/24/22 | Company Press

Giving Clean a New Meaning: Standard Parts in Hygienic Design


JW Winco now offers the spacers GN 6226, as the latest addition to the Hygienic Design product family.

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07/26/22 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 7/2022


Indexing Plungers, Pneumatically Operated - Function Video Pneumatic Clamps JW Winco’s new Standard Parts Handbook is here!

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smart pneumatic indexing plungers

07/17/22 | Company Press

Smart Pneumatic Indexing Plungers


JW Winco expands its indexing plungers’ range while adding new technical functionality. The latest addition, type GN 817.7, is pneumatically actuated…

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05/24/22 | Company Press

Long-Lasting and Exact: Pneumatic Clamps from JW Winco


Winco regularly revises its range of standard parts to implement new technical features and respond to changing application requirements. The…

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04/27/22 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 4/2022


Stainless Steel Linear Guide Rail Systems Couplings Upcoming Trade Shows JW Winco’s new Standard Parts Handbook is here!

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04/20/22 | Product Press

Long-Running Precision


If precise, quiet and dynamic linear movements are required, linear guide rail systems are indispensable. For special applications, JW Winco has now…

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Couplings from JW Winco

03/16/22 | Product Press

Couplings from JW Winco: Precise and reliable


Couplings from JW Winco transmit rotary motions and torques from shaft to shaft. They also even out tolerances and mechanical deflection that would…

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