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05/08/24 | Press

Compact Integrated: Light, Switch, Handle


Signaling and indicator lights, switches, and buttons – elements that hardly any machine can do without. The new JW Winco cabinet U-handle EN 6284…

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03/20/24 | Press

Cleaning-Optimized Leveling Feet


When strict hygiene standards are in place, it's essential to use the appropriate optimized parts. However, even in less sensitive areas, optimized…

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02/19/24 | Press

Securely Fastened Loads


A crane, rope, or chain may be required when something needs lifting – plus anchoring points on the load. JW Winco offers a wide range of solutions to…

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12/13/23 | Press

Universal and Clever: Retaining Magnets


JW Winco is expanding its magnet line to support more applications with new materials, shapes, systems, and even raw magnets.

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11/14/23 | Press

Signal Feedback Included


Intelligent standard parts from JW Winco ensure greater safety, higher efficiency, and increased stability.

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10/25/23 | Press

Clean in Place (CIP) Latches


Spend less time and money on cleaning and cleaning media with two new standard parts from JW Winco. These new latches GN 1150 are designed to repel…

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08/24/23 | Press

Detect Foreign Material with Ease


Time and again, impurities make their way into the production processes. JW Winco uses special elements that can be detected with the naked eye,…

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07/20/23 | Press

High Torques Thanks to Compact Bevel Gear Boxes and Worm Gear Reducers


JW Winco has expanded its product range with two compact and robust angular gear boxes that translate rotational movements by 90 degrees and transmit…

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06/21/23 | Press

Connect Tubes Securely and without Visual Clutter


Stable, strong, configurable, and precise: Tube-based constructions are an indispensable part of building machinery and plants. High-performance clamp…

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05/18/23 | Press

Just the Right Tension and Effect


JW Winco is expanding its existing range of clamping elements by adding new side clamps suitable for universal and specific purposes, primarily in jig…

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