Side Thrust Technical Details

w=movement of pin
F=side thrust [N]
initial thrust = F
end thrust = 1.1 x F
a2-a1=clamping range for workpiece
x=distance center line. thrust point at w / 2;
x1-for highest thrust point (a1)
x2 for lowest thrust point (a2)
lo=distance end stop. bore of thrust bush
lo=lm + x
lm = average length of workpiece
(lmax. + lmin.) / 2

For contact points (workpiece height) between a1 and a2, a value-for x has to be used lying between x1 and x2 (interpolating).

By observing the above values, the full movement of the side thrust pin is available to cover the tolerance of the workpiece.

For inserting press-fit type side thrust pins, the use of mounting tool GN 715.1 is recommended. For inserting threaded body type side thrust pins, GN 713.1 mounting tool is recommended.

Eccentric bushings GN 715.2 are a tooling accessory. They allow the precise-setting of the side thrust pins. This allows the alteration of distance lo for bridging of a larger tolerance on a workpiece than the actual scope of the pin.

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