Rapid fastening with quick release knurled nuts and quick release star knobs

Knurled nuts, toggle nuts and star knobs are standard parts for tensioning and clamping components on machines, devices, and fixtures that require rapid fastening. They either consist of a handle grip and a tapped insert or are made from one piece. After operating the handle grip without any additional tools, the centrally located internal thread produces the holding or clamping force.

Fields of application and functionality

If larger thread lengths have to be covered during tensioning and clamping, or if the knobs have to be operated frequently, quick release knurled nuts and quick release star knobs offer great advantages. Thanks to the specially designed internal thread contour, the handle or nut can be easily placed over the thread of a bolt with a slight tilt or incline to the side. The thread of the nut then aligns itself over the contact surface and engages with the thread flanks. Positioned in this way, the thread is able to tension or clamp the machine component in less than a single tightening turn. The quick release knurled nuts and quick release star knobs are just as fast and easy to release, simply by turning them in the opposite direction.
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