06/30/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 6/2021


AISI 316 Stainless Steel Standard Parts

Stop Bolts

Holiday Closure

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05/19/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 5/2021


Lockable Indexing Plungers

Spirit Levels

Standard Parts

Price Update

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04/21/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 4/2021


Multiple-Joint Hinges - in Aluminum or Stainless Steel

Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam GN 927

Price Update

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03/24/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 3/2021


Cabinet U-Handles GN 564 with TPU Sheathing

Toggle Latches GN 761 / GN 761.1

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02/25/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 2/2021


Standard Parts with Antibacterial Surfaces

Standard Parts made of Detectable Plastics

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01/20/21 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 1/2021


Machine Feet GN 36 / GN 37

Hygienic Design Knobs GN 5445 with EPDM seal

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12/16/20 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 12/2020


Torque Limiting Three-Lobed Knobs GN 3664

Screw-On Spirit Levels GN 2283

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11/18/20 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 11/2020


Adjusting Screws GN 827 and Bearing Blocks GN 828

Indexing Plungers to Weld-On GN 722.4 or

Screw-On GN 722.5 / GN 722.6

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10/21/20 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 10/2020


Hygienic Design Hex Head Screws GN 1581

Side Thrust Pins GN 415

#PACKEXPOConnects 2020

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09/23/20 | Newsletter

Product Spotlight 09/2020


Indexing Plungers GN 818 in AISI 316

Star Knobs with Loss Protection GN 5334.13 in AISI 316

Standard Parts made from AISI 316 Stainless Steel

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