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JW Winco is expanding its existing range of clamping elements by adding new side clamps suitable for universal and specific purposes, primarily in jig and tool construction and small series production. The standard parts come in various versions: with clamping screws, hand levers, cam levers, and matching accessories.

The new side clamps with clamping thread GN 9190.1 can be fastened to a machine table or fixture by T-slots for easy machining of workpieces. The clamping force of the rotary-mounted clamping jaws acts both laterally and from above to pull down on the workpiece and clamp it against fixed stops and the supporting surface. Thanks to the low overall height of the side clamps, the workpiece can be machined over its entire surface. Fluted or prismatic clamping jaws and side clamps with or without integrated support are available, depending on the application.

The side clamps are also available with either a ball point screw or an adjustable hand lever with an integrated ball point screw. The latter enables the clamping element to be actuated without tools. When the clamping screw is loosened, the jaws are retracted to their initial position through spring force, and the workpiece is released.

For extremely quick and frequent clamping, JW Winco now offers the side clamp GN 9190 with a spiral tension lever, which generates its clamping force with a self-locking spiral that ensures constant forces at all times. JW Winco's side clamps are made of high-grade case-hardened steel, making them extremely durable and of premium quality.

JW Winco offers slotted support blocks GN 9190.3 in its range as matching accessories. They can be used to fasten the side clamps to machine tables in any position, even perpendicular to the T-slot.



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