JW Winco’s New Standard Parts Handbook Is Here!

JW Winco’s new handbook will support designers and engineers with the largest selection of standard parts. Our handbook has the most comprehensive number of standard parts with over 75,000 items on 2,184 pages.

This printed Handbook is a powerful reference tool and a source of inspiration for mechanical engineers, designers, drafters, and innovators for machine and equipment builders.

More than 75,000 standard parts can be found in this handbook. You will find our popular sellers as well as brand new products  - including toggle clamps, shaft collars, concealed multiple-joint hinges, and hygienically designed components, including ones made of metal detectable plastics or antibacterial materials.

Our products are presented in a uniformly designed standard sheet, including notes on installation and application. All standard parts are specified in precise detail in all their variations, materials, and technical dimensions. The handbook provides a clear overview and facilitates the search for suitable solutions. Our standard parts are categorized into three main groups – operating, clamping, and machine parts - followed by detail-oriented sorting into product subgroups based on function. All 75,000 standard parts have unique order code combinations that you can build by referencing our tables.

Parts can be ordered and researched with either our handbook or by visiting JW Winco's website.

JW Winco also provides up-to-date 2D and 3D CAD models online for each standard part, which can then be incorporated directly into the design process.

The Standard Parts Handbook from Winco can be ordered free of charge via email sales@jwwinco.com or via the link https://bit.ly/3LAbmXE

Be prepared! The new Standard Parts Handbook is an enormous showcase of our products. See it live on your desk here: https://ar-handbook.jwwinco.com/. * Requirements for this Augmented Reality application: iOS 13+ (ARKit) or Android 7+ (ARCore) with Google Playservices for AR App


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