Split hubs for fastening to shafts

Split hubs are mounted to shafts, then a gear handle lever or shaft is screwed on for force and torque transmission. Thanks to its split design, it can be used with unmachined shafts and avoids unnecessary damage.

Functioning of the split hub

The split hub is placed on the shaft and fixed at the desired position with the clamping screw. When the screw is tightened, the split hub clamps firmly onto the shaft over the entire inner face of the hub, creating a positive connection. Split hubs have a threaded socket for attaching other parts, such as gear lever handles GN 310, which are also available as standard parts. For example, this allows the shaft position to be adjusted manually. For high torques, the split hub can also be supplied with a keyway.

Split hubs from Winco

Winco offers split hubs in various materials. Custom designs are also possible.
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