EN 348 Threaded Tube Ends Plastic, Square Type, with Nickel Plated Brass Insert


ELESA original design
code: ND.Q

Product description


EN 348 threaded tube ends enable threaded studs to be installed in square tubes, e.g. to accommodate threaded leveling feet. Installed by using a plastic mallet, the tube ends are help in position by the slightly tapered body.

The values of the static load capacity given in the table are guide values. Exceeding these values can lead to permanent deformation or breakage of the tube end.

The information about load bearing capacity are non-binding guide values and rule out any liability. They constitute no general warranty of quality and condition. The user must determine from case to case whether a product is suitable for the intended use.


Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)
  • Glass fiber reinforced
  • Black, matte finish
  • Temperature resistant up to 248 °F (120 °C)

Tapped insert
Brass, nickel plated

RoHS compliant

Technical drawing

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EN 348 Plastic Threaded Tube Ends, Square Type, with Nickel Plated Brass Insert sketch

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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
Outer square
Inner square
l1l2tSquare tube dimensions


Wall thickness
Static load
(See information)
1.181.06M 81.300.240.591.181.060.063822 lbf (17000 N)
1.181.06M 101.300.240.591.181.060.063822 lbf (17000 N)
1.181.06M 121.300.240.711.181.060.063822 lbf (17000 N)
1.181.06M 161.300.240.791.181.060.063822 lbf (17000 N)
1.571.42M 81.690.310.591.571.420.084047 lbf (18000 N)
1.571.42M 101.690.310.591.571.420.084047 lbf (18000 N)
1.571.42M 121.690.310.711.571.420.084047 lbf (18000 N)
1.571.42M 161.690.310.791.571.420.084047 lbf (18000 N)
1.971.77M 122.170.390.711.971.770.104496 lbf (20000 N)
1.971.77M 162.170.390.791.971.770.104496 lbf (20000 N)
1.971.77M 202.170.391.181.971.770.104496 lbf (20000 N)
1.971.81M 122.170.390.711.971.770.084496 lbf (20000 N)
1.971.81M 162.170.390.791.971.770.084496 lbf (20000 N)
1.971.81M 202.170.391.181.971.770.084496 lbf (20000 N)

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Inner square s2
Thread d

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