WN 9000 "NY-LEV®" Leveling Mounts Steel, Plastic Base, Threaded Stud Type, with Mounting Holes


WN 9000 Steel "NY-LEV®" Leveling Mounts, Plastic Base, Threaded Stud Type, with Mounting Holes

Product description


Made in the U.S.A., "NY-LEV®" leveling mounts WN 9000 are a quality and economical solution to your leveling and height adjustment needs.

The threaded stud swivels freely 15° in all directions. It is not recommended to move the stud beyond the 15° mark, otherwise the ball end of the stud can pop out of its seat and both stud and base will separate.

A coupling nut is not recommended to use for installation. Use a nut or tapped hole of 1 - 1 1/2 times the thread diameter of the threaded stud.

The optional rubber pad is used for non-skid, noise and vibration reduction. A unique solid squared waffle pattern on the pad provides for a more positive non-skid surface. The rubber pad resists many organic acids, most chemicals, alkalines, salt, water and corrosion.

To insure a proper leveling mount size, divide the machine weight by the number of mounts required. This will equal the pounds or load per mount.

The maximum load ratings for these leveling mounts are based on a calculation of 40% distortion to the rubber pad. This insures the proper application requirements when using the base with the non-skid pad.


Nylon plastic, glass filled

Threaded stud
Steel, zinc plated

Hex nut
Steel, zinc plated

Rubber pad
Elastomer, non-skid


Technical drawing

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WN 9000 Steel "NY-LEV®" Leveling Mounts, Plastic Base, Threaded Stud Type, with Mounting Holes sketch

Part Options / Table


AWithout rubber pad
GWith rubber pad
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
l1l2l3l4d3kA/FMax. load
Without rubber pad

With rubber pad
1.973/8 x lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.971/2 x lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.975/8 x lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
3.153/8 x lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.151/2 x lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.155/8 x lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.153/4 x lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
4.335/8 x lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.333/4 x lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.331 x lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
l1l2l3l4d3kA/FMax. load
Without rubber pad

With rubber pad
1.97M lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M 106.00--1.600.700.1250.2561.320.3144000 lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M 126.00--1.600.700.1250.2561.320.3934000 lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M 166.00--1.600.700.1250.2562.190.5114000 lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
1.97M 168.00--1.640.700.1250.2562.190.5114000 lbf (17792.89 N)800 lbf (3558.58 N)
3.15M lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 106.00--1.600.700.1250.3542.190.3145000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 126.00--1.600.700.1250.3542.190.3935000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 128.00--1.640.700.1250.3542.190.3935000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 166.00--1.600.700.1250.3542.190.5115000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 168.00--1.640.700.1250.3542.190.5115000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 206.00--1.600.700.1250.3542.190.6285000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
3.15M 208.00--1.640.700.1250.3542.190.6285000 lbf (22241.11 N)1800 lbf (8006.8 N)
4.33M 164.00--1.650.950.1250.4102.980.5117500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 165.008.00-1.660.950.1250.4102.980.5117500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 166.00--1.670.950.1250.4102.980.5117500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 204.00--1.650.950.1250.4102.980.6697500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 205.008.00-1.660.950.1250.4102.980.6697500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 206.00--1.670.950.1250.4102.980.6697500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 245.008.00-1.660.950.1250.4102.980.7507500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 246.00--1.670.950.1250.4102.980.7507500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)
4.33M 2410.00--1.820.950.1250.4102.980.7507500 lbf (33361.66 N)2700 lbf (12010.2 N)

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