GN 1430 Telescopic Slides Steel, with Full Extension, Load Capacity up to 477 lbf


Product description


GN 1430 telescopic slides are installed vertically and in pairs. The stroke reaches ≈ 100 % of the nominal length l1 (full extension). The rubber stops of type E dampen the impact of the slide in the two end positions and takes on the locking function of the back stop position. This feature is noticeable through a slight resistance on opening and closing. If larger static or dynamic loads occur in the direction of extension, they should be absorbed by external stop elements.

The telescopic slides are delivered in pairs. They can be installed on the extension on either the left or right side due to the design. All mounting holes are easy to reach through auxiliary holes. Only the mounting holes are shown, but other production-related holes may be present.


Slide profile
Steel, Zinc plated, blue passivated finishZB

Roller bearing steel, hardened

Ball cage
Steel, zinc plated

Rubber stop
Plastic / Elastomer

Operating temperature -4 °F to 212 °F (-20 °C to 100 °C)

RoHS compliant

On request

Additional lengths and hole spacing
Other attachment options
With latches, partially with detach function
(back, front, or back-front)
With locking devices (front or back-front)
Other surfaces
With support bracket

Technical drawing

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GN 1430 Steel Telescopic Slides, with Full Extension, Load Capacity up to 477 lbf sketch

Part Options / Table


EWith rubber stop, locking device in back

Identification no.

2Fastening using countersunk holes
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
l1l2 +0.16/-0.16
l3Fs per pair
at 10,000 cycles

at 100,000 cycles
15.7517.1332.87353 lbf (1570 N)218 lbf (970 N)
17.7219.0936.81360 lbf (1600 N)232 lbf (1030 N)
19.6921.4641.14380 lbf (1690 N)259 lbf (1150 N)
21.6523.4345.08420 lbf (1870 N)261 lbf (1160 N)
23.6225.5949.21425 lbf (1890 N)265 lbf (1180 N)
27.5629.5357.09420 lbf (1870 N)308 lbf (1370 N)
31.5033.4664.96477 lbf (2120 N)330 lbf (1470 N)
35.4337.4072.83432 lbf (1920 N)281 lbf (1250 N)
39.3741.3480.71402 lbf (1790 N)243 lbf (1080 N)
47.2449.2196.46366 lbf (1630 N)214 lbf (950 N)

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Length l1

Identification no.


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