Clean in Place (CIP) Latches

Spend less time and money on cleaning and cleaning media with two new standard parts from JW Winco. These new latches GN 1150 are designed to repel dirt and can be cleaned in place. These features translate into increased reliability for your production systems. The Hygienic Design latches support the machine and system cleaning concept known as clean in place, or CIP for short.

Even in industries that don't require compliance with high hygiene standards, the concept of clean in place (cleaning of components while still fully installed) is becoming ever more common. Systems, fixtures, and machines can be cleaned quickly and easily, which lowers operating expenses. This is why JW Winco continuously expands its portfolio of standard parts in Hygienic Design (HD).

The most recent HD standard part, GN 1150, refers to cam latches of stainless steel with special FDA-compliant seals of EPDM and TPU. Thanks to these seals, the latches have no dead spaces for dirt to collect. When the latch arm is turned 90 degrees, its beveled surfaces produce a tension that reliably presses covers, hatches, doors, or covers against their opposing element (frame or body). The rotational movement is achieved with a simple blue plastic key featuring a socket with two wrench surfaces, which is available as an accessory under the designation GN 1151. Additional drive types are currently in development.

The standard part GN 1150 is available in two versions: The "front hygiene" version (FH) offers the HD standard on the actuation side, while the inside satisfies the typical requirements. Applications for this part include switch cabinets that must comply with hygiene requirements only on the outside.

The “full hygiene” design (VH) features additional seals for HD quality, even on the latch arm side.

Both versions offer protection class IP 66 according to DIN EN 60529, meaning that they protect against the ingress of dust and heavy streams of water from any angle.

The two standard parts are especially long-lasting thanks to a carefully developed design. The seals are also available in other materials upon request, allowing the parts to be adapted to customer-specific media exposures.


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