Universal and Clever: Retaining Magnets

JW Winco is expanding its magnet line to support more applications with new materials, shapes, systems, and even raw magnets.

Magnets are clever, universal solutions used for fastening, closing, and providing temporary connections. Our new retaining magnet, GN 50.8, has a tight stainless steel housing surrounding the powerful Samarium-Cobalt (SmCo) magnet, making it an ideal solution for corrosive environments. It also features a long service life and is temperature resistant to 662°F (350°C), meaning it can be used on hot surfaces, such as oven doors. 

Another new product is the magnet system GN 51.8. Its neodymium magnet is fully encapsulated by a TPE elastomer, making it well-suited for sensitive surfaces (such as painted). The rubber protects sensitive surfaces from being damaged by the magnet and has a high friction coefficient, resulting in high lateral displacement forces.

Retaining magnet GN 52.6 also has a protective rubber contact surface. The cylindrical stainless-steel housing protects the neodymium magnet inside against aggressive media. Magnets
GN 53.1 and GN 53.2 are designed for standard applications like offices, workshops, and production environments and have powerful neodymium magnetic forces that hold documentation, stencils, drawings, etc.

The neodymium magnet GN 53.3 was designed for easy handling and has a plastic handle, which can be either cone-shaped or flat. The flat variant additionally features an eye for securing the part. For GN 53.4, the handle is made of nickel-plated steel, optionally with a TPE coating to protect sensitive surfaces.

In addition to these functionally optimized magnet systems, JW Winco also offers raw magnets – of hard ferrite, neodymium, SmCo, and AlNiCo, in various shapes, sizes, and with or without fastening holes. These magnets, series GN 57.1 to GN 57.3, can be easily over-molded, glued, or sewn in and are suitable for securing cables in wind turbines, for example.



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