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Enhance Precision and Efficiency with Our Cutting-Edge Linear Slides

Linear slides are the backbone of precision engineering, transforming linear motion requirements into seamless and accurate operations. These dynamic components are pivotal to various industries, providing the foundation for smooth and controlled movement in machinery and systems.

Key Features of Linear Slides:

  1. Smooth and Controlled Motion: Linear slides provide smooth and controlled linear motion, ensuring precision in every operation. This feature is vital for applications demanding accurate positioning and seamless transitions.
  2. Diverse Configurations for Versatility: Available in various configurations, including full extension, partial extension, and no extension, these components offer versatility to meet a wide range of application needs. Choose the perfect configuration for your specific requirements.
  3. Easy Integration and Adjustment: Designed for user-friendly integration and adjustment, linear slides simplify the setup process. Minimize downtime and adapt swiftly to changing requirements with their intuitive design.
  4. Precision Load Handling: Linear slides can handle precise loads, making them ideal for applications where accuracy in load handling is crucial. This capability contributes to the overall efficiency of the system.
  5. Quality and Long Lasting: Linear slides and guides have a long lifespan with low-wear roller bearing balls and hardened raceways.

Different Types of Linear Slides

  1. Full Extension Linear Slides:
    - In full extension linear slides, the moving component has the ability to travel the entire length of the slide.
    - This type of linear slide provides maximum reach and access to the user, allowing the moving part to extend fully from the stationary part.
    - Full extension slides are commonly used in applications where complete access to the extended position is necessary, such as in drawers, keyboard trays, or other pull-out mechanisms.
  2. Partial Extension Linear Slides:
    - Partial extension linear slides allow the moving component to travel only a portion of the slide's length.
    - The range of motion is limited, and the moving part does not extend fully from the stationary part.
    -These slides are suitable for applications where only a partial extension is needed or where space constraints limit the extent of movement.
  3. No Extension Linear Slides:
    - No extension linear slides, also known as fixed or non-telescopic slides, do not have the capability for extension.
    - The moving component is fixed in its position and cannot slide out from the stationary part.
    - This type is often used in applications where a rigid structure is required, and there is no need for the linear motion capability.

GN 2402

Linear Slides,
with No Extension

GN 2404

Linear Slides,
with Partial Extension

GN 2406

Linear Slides,
with Full Extension,
with S-Shaped Intermediate

GN 2408

Linear Slides,
with Full Extension,
with Rails Connected
in H-Shape

GN 2410

Linear Slides,
with Full Extension,
with Runners Connected
in Dual Configuration

Applications of Linear Slides

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