EN 628.1 Bridge Handles Antimicrobial Plastic, with Counterbored Mounting Hole, Ergostyle®


EN 628.1 Antimicrobial Plastic Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes, Ergostyle® Color: SGA - Black-gray, RAL 7021, matte finish
Original design
code: EBP.SAN
Color: SGA - Black-gray, RAL 7021, matte finish
EN 628.1 Antimicrobial Plastic Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes, Ergostyle® Color: SGA - Black-gray, RAL 7021, matte finish EN 628.1 Antimicrobial Plastic Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes, Ergostyle® Color: WSA - White, RAL 9016, matte finish

Product Family Sanline

Sanline standard parts made of antimicrobial synthetic materials or coatings prevent microbes or bacteria from settling and growing on operating elements. The technology based on silver ions is absolutely harmless for the user and also remains effective after many cleaning cycles.

  • antimicrobial plastic/coating
  • long-lasting efficiency, also after frequent cleaning
  • absolutely harmless for the user
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Product Family Ergostyle

Ergostyle standard parts combine functional and ergonomic operation with attractive appearance. Numerous design awards are proof of the high quality claim. The hallmark of Ergostyle products are five small dots.

  • functional, ergonomic design
  • ultimate design quality (numerous design awards)
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Product description


Bridge handles EN 628.1 are manufactured from an antimicrobial plastic.

Adding a silver-based substance has created a natural active agent which helps to prevent the growth of bacteria. Even after repeated cleaning with soap or solvent, the antimicrobial effect of this additive will not diminish. Sterilizing at temperatures below 266 °F (130 °C) will also have no effect on the antimicrobial property.

With these properties, operating parts made of this plastic are the perfect choice for use in medical engineering, in the food and the pharmaceutical industry, and in general wherever hygiene is of great importance.


Plastic, polyamide (PA)

  • Glass fiber reinforced
  • Temperature resistant up to 266 °F (130 °C)
  • Black-gray, RAL 7021, matte finishSGASGA
  • White, RAL 9016, matte finishWSAWSA

Cover caps
Plastic, Polyamide (PA)

  • Black-gray for SGA
  • White for WSA



Spacers EN 628.2

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Various metric size fasteners and kit packaging

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EN 628.1 Antimicrobial Plastic Bridge Handles, with Counterbored Mounting Holes, Ergostyle® sketch

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Sanline - General Notes

Handles and operating elements can act as vectors for many pathogens. Upon every hand contact, bacteria and germs take hold on the surface, where they can proliferate unchecked over time, such as between two cleaning cycles. If one or more other people later touch the same part, the expanded population of pathogens has the opportunity to spread even further.

The antimicrobial standard parts of the Sanline product family can prevent pathogens from propagating on an operating element. This actively reduces the spread of bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

Additives based on silver ions that are used in the plastics or powder coatings of standard parts of the Sanline product family destroy the cell walls of the microorganisms, killing them in the process. The effectiveness is retained for a long time, even after frequent cleaning cycles, and is absolutely safe for the user.

With their antimicrobial properties, the Sanline operating elements are predestined for areas with elevated hygiene requirements. These include doctors’ offices, hospitals, rehabilitation and care facilities as well as cafeterias, food-processing plants and agricultural operations with livestock. Sanline products also reduce the risk of infection in locations where many different people come into contact with handles and operating elements, such as in stadiums and concert halls, parks and wellness facilities as well as on public transport.

Functioning Principle

Plastics or powder coatings manufactured with silver ions inhibit the establishment and proliferation of pathogens on the surface. The effect is based on a natural principle and remains continuously effective for a long time.

Silver ions (Ag⁺) diffuse from the plastic surface and attach to the cell walls of the microbe. After a short time, the silver ions break through the cell wall of the microbe and destroy the enzyme activity within the cell. The genetic material of the microbe is attacked, preventing further cell division and eventually killing off the germ.


The antimicrobial effect of the additive is not reduced by repeated cleaning with soap or solvent. Even at sterilization temperatures the effect is not lost.

Laboratory Tests

The plastics or powder coatings of the Sanline standard parts were tested by an accredited testing laboratory on the following microorganisms:


Bacteria (as per ISO 22196:2011):

  • Staphylococcus aureus ATCC® 25923™
  • Escherichia coli ATCC® 25922™
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae ATCC® 13883™
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC® 27853™

Fungi (as per ISO 22196:2011):

  • Candida albicans ATCC® 10231™

The principle of action has been shown to reduce the growth of bacteria and fungi within 24 hours so that the surfaces ultimately exhibit less than 1% of the original microbial contamination. In the case of viruses, the contamination is reduced to below 5%.

Typical standard part
Microorganism proliferation in a period of 24 h


Sanline standard part
Microorganism reduction in a period of 24 h


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RoHS: Compliant
This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances)).
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