EN 5337.2 Five-Lobed Knobs Technopolymer Plastic, with Steel Threaded Stud


ELESA original design
code: VCT-p

Product description


The special type of technopolymer used and the matte finish make these EN 5337.2 five-lobed knobs elegant and "soft" to touch. The operator obtains a strong clamping action without any discomfort due to its ergonomic design: five lobes, blended radius and well proportioned rim height assure a natural, safe and comfortable grip.

Resistant to solvents, oils, grease and other chemical agents.


Five-lobed knob
Technopolymer (Polypropylene PP)
  • Reinforced, shock-resistant
  • Temperature resistant up to 194 °F (90 °C)
  • Black, matte finish

Threaded stud
Steel, zinc plated, blue passivated finish

Color of the cover cap (matte finish):
Black, RAL 9005DSWDSW
Orange, RAL 2004, shiny finishDORDOR
Gray, RAL 7035, shiny finishDGRDGR
Yellow, RAL 1021, shiny finishDGBDGB
Blue, RAL 5024, shiny finishDBLDBL
Red, RAL 3000, shiny finishDRTDRT

RoHS compliant

On request

Cover cap in other colors for inch sizes

Technical drawing

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EN 5337.2 Technopolymer Plastic Five-Lobed Knobs, with Steel Threaded Stud sketch

Part Options / Table

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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
Length ld3d4h1h2
0.9810 x 32-0.500.75-0.510.310.750.31
1.261/4 x 20-0.500.751.000.590.390.910.39
1.571/4 x 20-0.501.00-0.670.511.060.47
1.575/16 x 18-0.751.00-0.670.511.060.47
1.975/16 x 183/8 x 161.001.50-0.750.591.260.55
2.483/8 x 16-1.252.00-0.870.751.460.63
2.481/2 x 13-1.50--0.870.751.460.63
2.911/2 x 13-1.252.00-1.020.671.710.87
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Dimensions in: Inch | Metric
Length ld3d4h1h2
0.98M 50.390.630.79-0.510.310.750.31
0.98M 60.390.630.791.180.510.310.750.31
1.26M 60.630.790.981.180.590.390.910.39
1.26M 80.630.791.181.570.590.390.910.39
1.57M 60.790.981.18-0.670.511.060.47
1.57M 80.630.981.381.770.670.511.060.47
1.97M 80.791.181.571.970.750.591.260.55
1.97M 100.791.181.571.970.750.591.260.55
2.48M 100.791.181.571.970.870.751.460.63
2.48M 121.181.97--0.870.751.460.63
2.91M 121.181.972.76-1.020.671.710.87
2.91M 141.97---1.020.671.710.87
3.74M 161.97---1.260.791.810.83

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Handle diameter d1
Thread d2



Length l
Color of the cover cap

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