Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam

Clamping levers with eccentrical cams, which use only threads to reduce or increase tension quickly without torque, are self-locking due to the tension-to-lever ratio just before the clamping point. Available in plastic, zinc die cast and stainless steel, in inch or metric sizes.
A version with an adjustable bearing plate allows for the distance between the eccentrical cam and the contact surface to be adjustable by means of a fine threaded knurled nut. This permits the maximum clamping force to be set by a simple adjustment. In addition, this also permits the selection of a preferred lever position in relation to the clamping lever pin.
Clamping levers are also known as cam levers and allow for the quick and easy adjusting and holding of parts during light machining or assembly without the use of tools.
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