Lifting eye bolt and nut as universal attachment points

Lifting eye bolts or nuts are threaded load attachment points. They can be used for lifting or lashing with chains, ropes, slings and shackles.
These standard parts consist of a forged steel ring with male or female thread. Designs with female thread are referred to as lifting eye nuts, while designs with male thread are called lifting eye bolts.

Wide selection of lifting eye bolts of steel or stainless steel at Winco

Winco offers these load attachment points in fixed or rotating versions.
The rotating versions in particular are made of high-strength tempered steel. They are 100% inspected for cracks via electromagnetic testing (EN 1677). This version can be recognized by the pink powder coating. Alongside the steel versions, Winco also offers all types of lifting eye bolts and nuts in stainless steel.
The load attachment points are available in thread sizes from M6 to M36. Depending on the design and size, they have a rated load capacity of up to 7 tons with respect to the least favorable load situation.
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