Load rings und lifting points

Load rings and lifting points are extremely strong, reliable parts for safely lifting, lowering or lashing down heavy loads. They can be welded on as a permanent attachment or can be removeable by using screws. Depending on the requirement, the user can choose between fixed or rigid lifting points and mobile lifting gear that can be either rotated or folded.

Types of lifting points

There are two types of lifting points:
  • Rigid lifting points are permanently attached and are therefore extremely compact and have a high load carrying capacity. The welding types, for instance, are distinguished by their very small dimension and can be loaded from any direction. Wear markings are used to check the wear of the rigid lifting point, allowing the user to determine when to replace the part.
  • Moving (folding or rotating) versions have lower load capacities but offer very flexible pulling directions. One example here is the load ring that is also called a load block or load hook. The benefits of the load rings include low height, 360° rotation and the ring bracket that can be rotated in any load direction.

Attaching the lifting points

  • Screw-in lifting points are screwed to the load via the thread for portable or permanent use. These are available for example as swivel eyes with a load capacity from 300 kg to 5 tons.
  • Greater load capacity and a firmly bonded attachment through welding is provided using weldable eyes. These are exclusively intended to remain permanently at the place of use and are available in four versions, with a load capacity from 1500 kg to 5 tons.

Crane load rings and load rings with ball bearings

The load rings (also called swivel hooks) and load rings offer many features:
The freely rotating hook or ring on a ball bearing prevents tension in the rope or chain while carrying the load or when turning parts. The safety latch on the hook prevents the crane hook from slipping even when relaxed. The integrated RFID chip simplifies identification for regular inspections.
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