GN 1424 Telescopic Slides Steel, with Full Extension and Dampened Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 169 lbf


GN 1424 Steel Telescopic Slides, with Full Extension and Dampened Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 169 lbf

Product description


GN 1424 telescopic slides with dampened self-retracting mechanism are installed in pairs. The stroke reaches ≈ 100 % of the nominal length l1 (full extension).

The telescopic slides are delivered in pairs. They can be installed on either the left or right side due to the design. All mounting holes are easy to reach through auxiliary holes. Only the mounting holes are shown, but other production-related holes may be present.


Slide profile
Steel, Zinc plated, blue passivated finishZBZB

Rolling bearing steel, hardened

Ball cage
Steel, zinc plated

Rubber stop
Plastic / Elastomer

Self-retracting mechanism, dampened
Steel / plastic

Operating temperature -4 °F to +212 °F
(-20 °C to +100 °C)


On request

Other lengths and hole distances
Other mounting options
With locking device (in extended position)
Other finishes
With support bracket

Technical drawing

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GN 1424 Steel Telescopic Slides, with Full Extension and Dampened Self-Retracting Mechanism, Load Capacity up to 169 lbf sketch

Part Options / Table


BWith rubber stop

Identification no.

2Mounting with countersunk holes
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
l1l2 +0.16 / -0.16
l3Fs per pair
at 10,000 cycles

at 100,000 cycles
13.7813.1926.97146 lbf (650 N)128 lbf (570 N)
15.7515.7531.50169 lbf (750 N)153 lbf (680 N)
17.7217.7635.47169 lbf (750 N)169 lbf (750 N)
19.6919.9239.61169 lbf (750 N)169 lbf (750 N)
21.6521.8543.50169 lbf (750 N)169 lbf (750 N)
23.6224.0947.72169 lbf (750 N)169 lbf (750 N)
27.5627.5655.12169 lbf (750 N)169 lbf (750 N)

Build & Price

3D Product Configurator
Length l1

Identification no.


Mounting Holes - Outer Slide

Drawing mounting holes outer slide GN 1424
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Mounting Holes - Inner Slide

Mounting holes - inner slide
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Mounting Screws

For the listed loading forces FS to be absorbed reliably in the surrounding structure, all available countersunk holes of the outer and inner slide must be used. Failure to use mounting screws reduces the specified load capacity accordingly. The following screws can be used for mounting:

Designation - Standard
Socket countersunk head screw DIN 7991
Phillips countersunk flat head screw DIN 965
Phillips countersunk flat head self-tapping screw DIN 7997

Outer Slide
M 5
M 5
Size 5

Inner Slide
M 4
M 4
Size 4 / 4.5

Rubber Stop

Drawing Rubber stop GN 1424

The rubber stops dampen the impact of the slide in the two end positions. This feature minimizes noise development and increases the service life. Attached to the slides in a partially concealed, partially visible manner, the stops meet each of the requirements in regards to shape, material, and hardness.

If larger static or dynamic loads occur in the direction of extension, they should be absorbed by additional end stops.

Self-Retracting Mechanism, Dampened

Drawing self-retracting mechanism GN 1424

GN 1424 telescopic slides have a dampened self-retracting mechanism, which is also called “soft-close”. The dampened self-retracting mechanism is divided into two main functions and provides the best possible ease of use when closing the extension.

On the one hand, the self-retracting mechanism automatically retracts the slides on the last 40 mm of stroke to the retracted end position, where they are held in place accordingly. The retraction force is about 35 newtons per slide pair. On the other hand, the closing movement on the mentioned stroke is slowed down by the damping mechanism and thus reduces the speed considerably. An extremely smooth and gentle closing movement is achieved. This retraction force has to be overcome accordingly when opening the extension.

The dampened self-retracting mechanism is designed for load values up to 75 kg based on 60,000 cycles (LGA standard). Proper use, such as reducing the travel speed to max. 0.15 m/s when the retraction mechanism is reached, as well as compliance with the load values are required.

Drawing self-retracting mechanism2 GN 1424

Load Capacity

The maximum load capacity of telescopic slides depends on the slide cross-section and the nominal length l1 as well as the resulting stroke l2. Furthermore, the extension width, the slide materials used and the components of the equipment options, such as the dampened self-retracting mechanism, have a corresponding influence.
The information on the maximum load capacity of the telescopic slides was determined in endurance tests under the following conditions:

  • Slide arrangement in pairs, side mount
  • Observance of all mounting information
  • Warp-resistant test setup
  • Equal distribution of the maximum load FS over the entire extension area
  • Standard slide spacing of 450 mm
  • 10,000 or 100,000 test cycles (one extension and one retraction = one cycle)
  • Gradual increase of the load

Drawing Load capacity telescopic slides

Wear, performance, and maximum bending were assessed after each test section.

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