EN 7110 Magnetic Measuring Systems Technopolymer Plastic, for Length and Angle Measurements, with Sensor


ELESA original design
Code: MPI-R10

Product description


Magnetic measuring systems EN 7110 and magnetic bands EN 7110.2 together form a complete system for length and angle measurement. They are suitable for applications requiring frequent adjustments, such as at cutting and trimming stations.


Technopolymer (Polyamide PA)
  • Glass fiber reinforced
  • Black, matte finish

Retaining clip
Technopolymer (Polyacetal POM)
Black, matte finish

LCD display
Technopolymer (Polycarbonate PC)

Zinc die-cast, nickel plated

Cable (outer sheath)
PVC sheathing
Plug, glass fiber reinforced polyamide (PA), black, NBR O-ring

RoHS compliant

Technical drawing

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EN 7110 Technopolymer Plastic Magnetic Measuring Systems, for Length and Angle Measurements, with Sensor sketch

Part Options / Table

Identification no.

1Protection class IP 54
2Protection class IP 67


ENo wireless data transmission
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
Cable length in meters

Build & Price

Identification no.


Cable length l6

Electrical and Mechanical Properties

Power supply

Lithium battery 1/2 AA 3.6 V

Battery life

3 years


7-digit LCD display,
12 mm high with special character support

Reading scale

-199999; 999999

Number of decimal places

(see operating instruction)

Units of measure

mm, inch or degrees

Max operating speed

1 - 5 m/s programmable (reading speed affects battery life)


0.01 mm / 0.001 in / 0.01°


± 0.03 mm


0.0002 x L mm (L = value measured in mm)


Battery check, sensor check, magnetic tape check

Reverse voltage protection


Temperature range

32 °F - 122 °F (0 °C - 50 °C)

Operating environment

Internal use

Relative humidity

Max. 95% at 77 °F (25°C) (without condensation)

Configurable Display Options

One advantage of using an electronic positioning device lies in the wide range of display options of the magnetic measuring system.
The following settings can be configured with 4 multifunction keys:
- Selecting incremental or absolute measuring mode
- Changing the unit of measurement (mm, inch or degrees)
- Resetting the counter or setting an offset value
- Storage and display of 32 target positions

The lithium battery has a lifespan of over 3 years. A display symbol indicates when the battery needs to be replaced. The battery can be easily replaced by removing the rear cover. If the battery is replaced within 5 seconds, the buffer power supply prevents the loss of the configured parameters.
Other important information and instructions can be found in the operating manual. This is included with every measuring system and can be downloaded from www.jwwinco.com in the “Service” section.

Assembly Instruction

1) Please use the dimensions as per the table for the cutout in the housing.

2) Deburr the cutout before inserting the display.

3) At first, insert the display at the bottom of the opening.

4) Then press in the upper part until it snaps completely into place.

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Wall thickness sx
> 0.7 ... 26734

Battery Replacement Instructions

1) Take out the unit by pressing down on the retaining clip at the top of the housing using a slotted screwdriver.
2) Remove the screw on the back side of the housing, and take off the cover.
3) Replace the battery, taking care to match the polarity correctly (see the position indicated on the cover). If the battery is replaced within 5 seconds, the buffer power supply prevents the loss of the configured parameters.


Application Example

To ensure an accurate measurement, the distance between the sensor and the magnetic band should not exceed 1 mm. The sensor can be mounted using M3 screws.


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