Control Knobs, Levels, Rulers, Position Indicators, and Indexing Mechanisms

We offer a variety of items in this group, including spirit levels, scales, scale rings, control knobs, indexing mechanisms, and both digital and analog position indicators.
If your application requires fine, precise position adjustments, a control knob is what you need. Control knobs provide controlled levels of clamping or precise circular motion that may utilize a pointer or scale. Our control knobs include features like lobes, knurls, revolving handles, and soft grips, and are offered in aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and a variety of plastic materials.
When handwheel or rod movement is used for fine adjustment, the use of position indicators can be essential. We offer position indicators themselves as well as handwheels with such indicators built-in. These are also available in metal or plastic and can be ordered to suit the specific movements and scale of the application.

Control knobs, connecting sets, and position indicators are also referred to as:

instrument control knobs, indexing knobs, control grips, pointer knobs, control grip handles, graduated dials, knurled control knobs, control knobs with handles, lobed control knobs, counters, dial indicators, digital indicators
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