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System of Measurement

1.1 Operating with handles and knobs

1.2 Operating by using machine and device handles

1.4 Adjusting, positioning, locking with and without position indication

2.1 Tensioning, clamping, switching with levers

2.2 Tensioning, clamping with knobs

2.3 Tensioning with eccentric cams and wedge clamps

2.4 Tensioning with clamping mechanisms

3.1 Indexing, locking, blocking with pins and ball-shaped elements

3.2 Mounting, positioning, levelling with screws, clamping and supporting elements

3.3 Hinging, latching, locking of doors and covers

3.4 Installing, lifting, dampening with leveling feet, lifting gear and rubber elements

3.5 Controlling, venting, sealing of liquids and gases

3.6 Moving, transferring, connecting with shafts and joints

3.7 Connecting, assembling with clamping and connecting elements

3.8 Adjusting, moving with guides, spindles and ball rollers

3.9 Holding with magnets

3.10 Rolling, Transporting with Casters and Wheels

4.1 Tightening, Loosening and Adjusting with Hand Tools