Fluid Level Sight Glasses, Fluid Level Indicators, Sight Glasses and Fill / Drain Plugs

Sight glasses and fluid level indicators are used to provide a means to view the level of fluid in a container or tank. Offered in a variety of combinations of metal, plastic and glass, to accommodate different types of fluids and tank pressure. This section also includes threaded plugs, pipe plugs, drain plugs and filler breathers. These components are designed to be used to seal a variety of openings and are offered in both metal and plastic. Types include magnetic (to filter out metal filings), versions with fill or drain labels, dipsticks, splash guards, and strainers.

Special modifications available:

  • threads
  • colors
  • kitting, packaging and labeling

Fluid level sight glasses, fluid level indicators, sight glasses and fill / drain plugs are also referred to as:

liquid level indicators, oil gauges, oil windows, explosion proof oil windows, gear boxes, threaded plugs, oil dip sticks and dip sticks, hydraulic components
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