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Handles, hinges, handwheels, knobs, knobs or clamping devices - these are standard parts that are needed everywhere, in mechanical engineering as well as in the laboratory sector, for operating equipment or in the transportation sector.

What is a standard part?

Standard parts, operating parts and machine elements are parts / elements from the construction industry, which can be found in the fields of electronics, mechanical engineering and technology. They are small parts manufactured according to a specified national or international standard.

Advantages of standard parts

The use of standard parts not only makes the designer's work easier, the entire process chain from design through order processing and procurement to machining in mechanical engineering is made easier and, above all, faster with standard parts, because time plays a major role in the mechanical engineering manufacturing process. Standard parts are defined by standards committees in such a way that they are generally usable and interchangeable.

Examples of standard parts

Cabinet U-Handles

Leveling Feet, Leveling Mounts

Adjustable Levers, Adjustable Tension Levers

Rapid Release Pins

Indexing Plungers


Toggle Clamps


Examples for the use of standard parts

Hex Head Screws GN 1580 in Hygienic Design

Leveling Elements GN 355

Clamping Levers with Eccentrical Cam GN 927

Adjustable Levers GN 300.1

Stainless Steel Cam Action Indexing Plungers GN 612

Ball Jointed Leveling Feet GN 638

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