Indexing Plungers

When you need to align, hold, or latch different parts of equipment together, you need a spring loaded device. These components use the force in the spring to apply pressure so that the ball or nose will remain nested in some sort of hole or other receptacle. Thus two or more elements of equipment can be aligned or fixed into a determined relative position. Indexing plungers have a beveled or rounded nose that inserts easily into an indexing receptacle indexing receptacle

Indexing plungers from Winco for demanding development tasks

Indexing plungers are kinetic, multi-part standard parts for fast, reliable locking of moving parts. No tools are required to operate them. Detent pins, also called indexing plungers, guarantee high holding forces and secure fixation in combination with simple handling. This ensures a simple and at the same time secure process.

Mode of operation of indexing plungers

An indexing plunger creates a positive, detachable connection between one stationary and one moving component. It consists of a guide with an internal detent pin or bolt. When the pull button is pulled, the detent pin moves into the guide and makes the previously fixed component movable. After the component has reached its desired position, the user reinserts the pin into a hole in the stationary component to engage the lock.
The shear strength of the locking pin is decisive in determining the strength of the locking device. Depending on the type of the indexing plunger, the user can choose between various operating elements. Winco supplies detent pins or indexing plungers made of steel or corrosion-resistant stainless steel, depending on the application.

Areas of application of the indexing plunger

The indexing plungers are available in a variety of designs and with various features for every application:

Buy indexing plungers from Winco online

You can get indexing plungers from Winco in various sizes, shapes and materials. These standard parts are characterized by high quality and long-lasting functionality. We deliver our indexing plunger range in any quantity, even single units. Designers can download a 3D file free of charge for each Indexing Plunger. On request, Winco also produces indexing plungers according to customer requirements.

Indexing, spring and ball plungers and their accessories are also referred to as:

spring loaded devices, detent pins, hand retractable pins, buspring loaded pins, bspring loaded pins, button handle pins, shackle pins, locating pins, indexing pins, retracting pins, spring loaded pins, receptacles and lanyards, rapid release pins, t-handle release pins, ball chains, self-locking rapid release pins, side thrust pins, thrust pins, spring loaded shells, ball buttons, spring loaded positioning elements, hand retractable spring plungers, lock-out spring plungers, non lock-out plungers, and spacer bushings
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