What are Standard Parts and Why JW Winco?


There are a lot of options in the market today when looking for machine components, elements, and parts. Why get Standard Parts from JW Winco and what do we mean when we say Standard Parts?

When we say “Standard Parts” we mean machine elements or machine components. Our Standard parts are used as the building blocks for machines and products in many different industries.

We say Standard because all our parts are standardized to common sizes in both inch and metric. We standardize our parts, so the engineers don’t have to customize each knob or handle for every project. Using standard parts makes it convenient and fast for design engineers to find parts by offering multiple different types and sizes. JW Winco also offers free CAD models for all of our parts to speed up the design process.

JW Winco offers a wide range of Standard Parts to allow the engineers and purchasers to order everything they need from one location. JW Winco's core standard parts are Adjustable Levers, Pull Handles, Hand Knobs, Indexing Plungers, Vibration Dampeners, Leveling Devices, Hand wheels, Crank Handles, Toggle Clamps and Casters & Wheels.


Parts like handles and knobs are found in every industry. You can find JW Winco products on packaging machines, automation machines, medical equipment, automotive accessories, marine accessories, staging equipment and a variety of others. Each industry requires different applications and specifications. JW Winco offers standard parts in plastic, steel, stainless steel, cast iron and aluminum to support each industry’s specific requirements. If a Winco product is used on food processing equipment stainless steel and hygienic design are extremely important. JW Winco released the Hygienic Design product family in late 2017 to complement our already expansive line of stainless-steel products.

In some machine designs, the design engineer will need more than a Standard Part. To serve the design engineers custom requests JW Winco has an in-house machining facility. JW Winco is able to modify the standard parts to support the engineers design and help them come up with a new solution. JW Winco is flexible and in order to help the customers, we can make modifications to our standard parts in small quantities.

Because of the many industries JW Winco serves, Winco needs to continue to be innovative and is constantly offering new solutions to the market. JW Winco is always focusing on the customers and is a one stop source for machine parts. JW Winco also offers bar code, UPC code labeling and kit packaging to meet the customers special labeling and packaging requirements.

Explore our full product line to see all that JW Winco has to offer!

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