LPST "Level-It"™ Leveling Mounts Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Type


 LPST Inch Size, "Level-It"™ Leveling Mounts, Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Type Type: D1 - Stainless steel base
Type: D1 - Stainless steel base
 LPST Inch Size, &quot;Level-It&quot;™ Leveling Mounts, Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Type Type: D1 - Stainless steel base  LPST Inch Size, &quot;Level-It&quot;™ Leveling Mounts, Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Type Type: D2 - Solid Delrin<sup>®</sup> plastic base

Product Family Stainless Steel

Standard parts made of rustproof stainless steel have been designed for use in the food sector, in the chemical industry, for aggressive ambient conditions or for outdoor use.

  • corrosion-resistant
  • precise fit
  • environmentally friendly
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Product description


"Level-It"™ leveling mounts LPST swivel 10-15° to all sides of the centerline to adjust to uneven surfaces. They are typically used for leveling machine tools, electronic racks, benches, etc. The large diameter base design assures a solid support.

A coupling nut is not recommended to use for installation. Use a nut or tapped hole of 1 - 1 1/2 times the thread diameter of the threaded stud.

To insure a proper leveling mount size, divide the machine weight by the number of mounts required. This will equal the pounds or load per mount.

The jam nut is a standard part of the assembly.


Threaded stud with ball end
Stainless steel AISI 303
Machined from solid bar

Type D1
Stainless steel AISI 303

Type D2 / D3
Delrin® plastic
Temperature resistant up to 180 °F (82 °C)

Jam nut
Materials and finishes are the same as the corresponding stud


On request

Non-skid Elastomer pad
Molded Delrin® plastic base in additional sizes
For certain minimum quantities, modifications such as mounting holes and other versions of plating

Technical drawing

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 LPST Inch Size, "Level-It"™ Leveling Mounts, Stainless Steel Threaded Stud Type sketch

Part Options / Table


D1Stainless steel base
D2Solid Delrin® plastic base
D3Molded Delrin® plastic base
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
l1l2l3A/FMax. load
Stainless steel base

Delrin® plastic base
0.7510 x 321.000.530.1000.375700 lbf (3113.75 N)150 lbf (667.23 N)
0.7510 x 322.000.530.1000.375700 lbf (3113.75 N)150 lbf (667.23 N)
1.001/4 x 201.250.700.1410.5001000 lbf (4448.22 N)200 lbf (889.64 N)
1.001/4 x 202.500.700.1410.5001000 lbf (4448.22 N)200 lbf (889.64 N)
1.001/4 x 281.250.700.1410.500775 lbf (3447.37 N)200 lbf (889.64 N)
1.255/16 x 182.000.880.1700.6252500 lbf (11120.55 N)250 lbf (1112.05 N)
1.255/16 x 242.000.880.1700.6252150 lbf (9563.67 N)250 lbf (1112.05 N)
1.253/8 x 162.000.880.1700.6253750 lbf (16680.83 N)300 lbf (1334.46 N)
1.253/8 x 164.000.880.1700.6253750 lbf (16680.83 N)300 lbf (1334.46 N)
1.253/8 x 242.000.880.1700.6253300 lbf (14679.13 N)250 lbf (1112.05 N)
1.881/2 x lbf (22241.1 N)700 lbf (3113.75 N)
1.881/2 x lbf (22241.1 N)700 lbf (3113.75 N)
1.881/2 x lbf (17792.88 N)625 lbf (2780.13 N)
2.505/8 x lbf (26689.32 N)1200 lbf (5337.86 N)
2.505/8 x lbf (26689.32 N)1200 lbf (5337.86 N)
2.505/8 x lbf (22241.1 N)1100 lbf (4893.04 N)
3.003/4 x 102.001.500.4101.0627400 lbf (32916.84 N)1800 lbf (8006.79 N)
3.003/4 x 104.001.500.4101.0627400 lbf (32916.84 N)1800 lbf (8006.79 N)
3.003/4 x 162.001.500.4101.0626200 lbf (27578.97 N)1650 lbf (7339.56 N)
4.007/8 x 94.001.880.4401.37515000 lbf (66723.32 N)1700 lbf (7561.98 N)
4.007/8 x 144.001.880.4401.37513500 lbf (60050.99 N)1950 lbf (8674.03 N)
4.001 x 83.501.880.4401.37520000 lbf (88964.43 N)2400 lbf (10675.73 N)
4.001 x 84.251.880.4401.37520000 lbf (88964.43 N)2400 lbf (10675.73 N)
4.001 x 86.001.880.4401.37520000 lbf (88964.43 N)2400 lbf (10675.73 N)
4.001 x 123.501.880.4401.37518000 lbf (80067.98 N)2250 lbf (10008.49 N)
6.001 1/4 x 74.002.750.7501.87543000 lbf (191273.53 N)3600 lbf (16013.59 N)
6.001 1/4 x 76.002.750.7501.87543000 lbf (191273.53 N)3600 lbf (16013.59 N)

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