GN 480.1 Round Rods / Tubes Stainless Steel, for Mounting Clamps


GN 480.1 Stainless Steel Round Rods / Tubes, for Mounting Clamps Type: LS - With scale (mm graduation)
Type: LS - With scale (mm graduation)
GN 480.1 Stainless Steel Round Rods / Tubes, for Mounting Clamps Type: LS - With scale (mm graduation) GN 480.1 Stainless Steel Round Rods / Tubes, for Mounting Clamps Type: OS - Without scale

Product Family Stainless Steel

Standard parts made of rustproof stainless steel have been designed for use in the food sector, in the chemical industry, for aggressive ambient conditions or for outdoor use.

  • corrosion-resistant
  • precise fit
  • environmentally friendly
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Product description


The outside dimensions of the GN 480.1 rods / tubes are matched for use with mounting clamps.

The tubes can also be used as cable lead-through.


Stainless steelNI AISI 304
Ground finish
Scale precision laser engraved


On request

Special scales

Technical drawing

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GN 480.1 Stainless Steel Round Rods / Tubes, for Mounting Clamps sketch

Part Options / Table


LSWith scale (mm graduation)
OSWithout scale
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Dimensions in: Inch (change to Metric)
Length lkd2
D 83.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.59-
D 103.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.59-
D 123.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.590.35
D 153.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.790.47
D 163.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.790.51
D 203.945.917.879.8411.8113.7815.750.980.63

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Diameter d1
Length l


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In Stock
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Prop 65: Not compliant
Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
RoHS: Compliant
This article is RoHS-compliant in application of Annex III., which means it complies with EU Directive 2011/65/EU, including extension (2015/863/EU), for restricting the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic devices. The Directive regulates the use of hazardous substances in devices and components. The implementation in national law is summarily described with RoHS(Restriction of (the use of certain) hazardous substances)).
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GN 480.1-D8-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D8-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D8-400-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D10-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D10-400-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D12-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D12-400-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D15-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D15-400-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D16-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D16-400-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-100-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-100-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-150-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-150-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-200-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-200-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-250-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-250-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-300-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-300-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-350-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-350-NI-OSGN 480.1-D20-400-NI-LSGN 480.1-D20-400-NI-OS

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